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Host a Thought Juggler Game and Puzzle Fair...
or a Thought Juggler workshop at your:
  • Elementary, Middle, or High School
  • PTA, School Club and Honor Society
  • Houses of Worship
  • Senior and Assisted Living Center
  • Country Club or Golf Club
  • College or University
  • Rotary, Elks, Lions, club
  • Learning or Tutoring Center
  • Library
  • Youth Group, Y, Girl or Boy Scout event
  • Corporation (as the people at Skidmore College say, and the people at Google know, "Creative Thought Matters")
  • Organization (especially those needing local public support)
  • Home School Group Meeting Places
  • Health Club or Fitness Center
  • Hospital or Rehab Center
  • Home
Thought Juggler would like to tailor a Game and Puzzle Fair just for your organization. We want to bring you a fun-filled time of playing games and putting together puzzles. We want to tickle your neurons and watch as the pleasure of an “ah ha!" moment lights up your face and the faces of your guests.

It could be an afternoon Game and Puzzle Fair with parents and middle schoolers, it could be a corporate bonding event, it could be an evening fundraiser, it could be a church function, or it could be a morning at your local senior or assisted living center.
Thought Juggler fairs are also a unique and enjoyable way of making your community aware of your club, organization, or company.

How does it work? Simple. Give us a call and we will arrange a date and time for your Game and Puzzle Fair. We will chat with you about the nature of your organization so that we can choose an appropriate selection of games, puzzles and thinking tools. We will then visit your site and talk about the size of your event area(s), seating, and logistics. For special events, Thought Juggler coordinates and works closely with a top tier event planning company. On the day of your Game and Puzzle Fair we will arrive early to set up and make sure that everything is organized perfectly well before your first guest arrives.

What will we bring to your Game and Puzzle Fair?  As we all approach all groups differently we will bring an interesting array of competitive and noncompetitive games, puzzles and construction sets that can be done alone or in groups.  We will bring social party games, strategy games, word games, 3-D games, math games, a lovely selection of jigsaw puzzles, books, CDs and even a computer-based biofeedback game...all sorts of fun things to delight the mind.

We do take orders and sell the products we bring at the end of your fair, but there is no pressure to buy.  We focus on everyone having a great time!

The real reward is in helping those who attend feel the glow of success at having improved their critical and creative thinking skills...and knowing that they are just a little more likely to experience success at school or at work the day afterwards. What can be better than that?
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