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Students, Adults and Seniors

Problems facing students K –12 and beyond
In an increasingly competitive academic environment, parents are struggling to find ways to provide every advantage possible for their children to succeed. Schools, struggling with limited budgets, large classes, tight schedules and constantly shifting government mandates often do not have the resources necessary to accommodate the various learning styles and intelligences of their student bodies.

Entertaining and fun-to-play games and puzzles based upon the concepts of Howard Gardiner’s Multiple Intelligences and of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s Flow Theory that encourage and sharpen a broad range of widely applicable thinking skills go a long way to solve these problems. These thinking games and puzzles first capture a student’s interest and then use an adaptive learning curve that matches a student’s increasing abilities.

Some of our most enjoyable Game Fairs to date have been with adults.  There seems to be something for everyone, from social games that engage up to eight players, to quiet puzzles that can be done by a guest sitting happily in an armchair.  There are fun word rhyming games, involving strategy games as well light hearted games that mix chance with thinking.  Guests play, puzzle, chat and have fun.  The Game Fairs seem to have a magical quality about them.  The only problem the host(s) are likely to have is getting everyone to go home at the end of the evening!

What about older citizens?  

As concern about Alzheimer’s, dementia and cognitive impairment receive increasing attention, research demonstrates that mental exercises in the form of games and puzzles significantly delay the onset of these scourges of old age. Thought Juggler addresses the growing interest in activities and products that sustain the mental capacities of baby boomers and those who are already seniors. Add the social and fun elements of our  gatherings and one has a health-promoting recipe for Youth Preservation.


Your actions, or inaction, have short and long-term consequences.  They not only impact you, but they affect your children, your parents, and all you love, and who love you.

You have it in your power to create a win-win opportunity.  You build a happier, healthier, smarter you, and at the same time you become an empowering role model for those you care about.  In effect, you are saying, "Look at me, if I can do it, you can too!"  That is real world love.

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