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There are lots of fun-to-play games out there. Most are mindless, but a select few are intellectually stimulating as well. Those are the ones you'll find at Thought Juggler!

Meet Michael Sklaar, owner and game-master, extraordinaire. Any game under the Thought Juggler umbrella is sure to be both fun to play and - well - a thought-juggler.

How do we know? The two of us went to a recent Thought Juggler event and had a wonderful time. We tried out - as in "we played" - a lot of the games (there were too many to try them all in a single evening). In addition, we browsed through the numerous books and CDs, munched on snacks, and chatted with interesting Thought Juggler people.

I even got a chance to see if I could still master the mind control I had perfected decades ago using a biofeedback program and medical grade equipment on a laptop computer. I was actually able to watch my progress graphically as I quieted my mind and went into a super-relaxed state.

Basically, we have lots of choices of things to do during evenings out: movies, dancing, you know the drill. However, if you are on the lookout to do something different, something that is entertaining and intellectually stimulating, you can't do much better than a Thought Juggler night out.

And, if you buy a game or two, or a puppet theater, or some puzzles, you and your family and friends will enjoy them over and over again, far into the future.

We did, and we still do.

Drs. Linda & Al Silbert,

Authors and Owners/Directors of Strong Learning Centers, Chappaqua, NY


Hosting Michael Sklaar's "Thought Juggler" night at my restaurant gave new meaning to the phrase "food for thought"!  A great time was had by all!

Dave Shakin

Owner of The Heights Bistro
Yorktown Heights, New York


Thought Juggler
Michael Sklaar, President
Putnam Valley, New York 10579

Dear Michael:

I am writing to inform you of the enthusiasm your games have received from my grandchildren (ages 6-17), my children (ages 33-39), their friends and myself. For the past nine months, whenever my grandchildren are at the house, they go for your games to play. I own Equate, Tantrix, Quads (their favorite), Lonpos, Gemlock, and Hexa Zoki. They are constantly asking me to give them your games for their birthdays. As I have watched them play the various games (individual and competitive), I have actually seen them develop increased logic and pattern recognition skills. We have been able to modify the rules of Quads to permit the young ones to challenge the older ones (basically used the strategies of Go and given the younger ones extra pieces on the board to start and the older ones must use the edge patterns while the younger ones do not).

As you are aware, I am a volunteer at some elementary, middle and high schools. I have used the pattern recognition games in some of my "talks" to the students. In addition, when my wife's high school students have come over my house, they have also played the games (Gemlock and Quads). They also appear to love them. One night, four of them stayed for five hours playing the game - even after Jerri went to bed.

In summary, thank you for bringing challenges/games which cause our children and myself to think and to improve our logic and pattern skills. We are a gaming house, however, your games have moved to the top of the list even replacing Go, Go-Muku, chess (one of my grandsons is on the school team and he prefers Quads - maybe because can beat me) and others.


Guy Cohen, PhD

Guy Cohen an admirer of Thought Juggler's games
Sr Director of Clinical Research, Established Brands Pfizer Inc.
Member of the Putnam Valley Central District School Board
Volunteer at 6 local HS, 2 MS, and 2 ES in the Hudson Valley, NY and NYC


My inner child still loves to play, tackle mind-benders, and engage in friendly competition. Imagine my delight when I discovered a whole new landscape of innovative games that both grasped my attention and challenged my mental prowess!

A number of months ago I attended a fund-raiser featuring Thought Juggler. I was the proverbial kid in a candy shop. Nothing trite or ho-hum about the many offerings. Board games, card games, brain-teasers, books, puzzles, interactive devices-just to name some of the products. Nothing boring about that evening. I played as many games as I could, munched on snacks, and ultimately purchased several items, some for gifts and most for myself!

The games offered by Thought Juggler have appeal for a wide audience. One does not need to channel Einstein to enjoy these thought-provoking gems, as I can so aptly prove. I couldn't help but wish that I had children for whom to buy other than myself. And yet another reason to look forward to grandchildren!

Best wishes to Michael Sklaar for a successful business!

Linda S. Press, Ph.D.

Press Consulting Partners


Thought Juggler games have quickly become our favorite gifts for our family and friends. When we want to give something that is genuinely unique (and good for the recipient), we can always find a great game, puzzle or activity in the Thought Juggler collection. Our own collection has grown remarkably, so we always have a new way to entertain the family at holiday gatherings.

Even the non-game-players are drawn in by the stimulating nature of these games. A mechanic friend of mine is a whiz at the Japanese puzzle boxes and the construction oriented activities such as Zome. The biofeedback programs for computers where I was able to control the computer with just my thoughts are especially interesting to me.

We've attended several Thought Juggler game and puzzle events and were lucky enough to host the first ever Thought Juggler party at our house - on Saint Patrick's Day no less! These events/gatherings/parties are a refreshing change from the usual party format and everyone seems to appreciate the difference. Thought Juggler's facilitators do a great job of getting the games started, and it's all fun after that.

I can't think of a better way to spend an evening! It was easy for us to do something really different-something that was unique fun and stimulating. Our guests had a great time and didn't want to leave. They are still talking about it (and asking when we'll have the next one). It was a remarkable evening, and one of the best parties we've ever had.

Carl F. Patrick

Strategic Communication Support

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